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Tampa Family Pharmacy
Address: 2919 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33609, United States | Phone: (813) 871-5161 | Website:

The staff was very welcoming, and the pharmacist Andy made sure I didn’t have any allergies when they checked my prescriptions. Most of the other pharms don’t even bother to ask and just assume the prescription is good for me. The staff here really seems like they care, so I trust my health with them now.

The pharmacy is great!! Quick and friendly… However, the rest of the store is not. Prices on Modafinil medicine are hard to find and sometimes marked wrong. The old lady who seemed to be in charge was rude and offending. I bought Modafinil online that was labeled $19.99 but was actually $23.99, I just paid it so I could get out of the store. I will ONLY go back there for pharmacy purposes. Tampa Family Pharmacy might cost a little more, but they are more helpful and polite.

Davis Islands Pharmacy & Compounding Lab
Address: 232 E Davis Blvd, Tampa, FL 33606, United States | Phone: (813) 254-1888 | Website:

Very friendly staff at Davis Islands Pharmacy & Compounding Lab, Fadia is especially sweet and helpful. They offer to apply coupons for me to help cover costs that insurance won’t without me asking. The automated notification calls for my prescriptions are great, and when I call, they’re good about answering the phone, or I’m not on hold for very long.

Great place!! My daughter and I got our covid-19 shots here. Super friendly, the gentleman who took my appointment on the phone, the nice woman who checked us in…. informative, quick, easy, painless! Booked my appointment only the day before, for a Saturday! Almost no wait at all upon checking in (maybe 5 min, tops) Dr. Dan was great (so sorry I didn’t get the last name). He shot us up. My daughter is a nonverbal 17-year-old with autism, and he was so nice and patient. It was her first time allowing someone to give her a shot without fighting it at all! They are also a medical supply store and will deliver supplies and/or meds. Great experience, all-around experience, for getting a shot! Thanks!!

North Tampa Pharmacy Inc
Address: 104 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States | Phone: (813) 265-4925 | Website:

The staff seems friendly enough, but I’m sorry, it should not take them several days to a week to fill basic prescriptions. Then when you go to pick them up, they make you wait forever so that they can finally fill them for you after you ordered Provigil days and days prior. And they NEVER answer the phone. The other pharmacies in the area will have your Rxs ready for you within hours to a day at most. So what is this one’s problem?

I buy my Modafinil pills at North Tampa Pharmacy Inc because I appreciate the clean, organized, and stocked store, but more importantly, the employees there are kind and helpful. Your live culture probiotics have been the key to my health. Thank you! Wanda rocks as a resource for preventative health.

Address: 4603 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33603, United States | Phone: (813) 873-3651 | Website:

The cashier, Joan, and the blond manager with the accent are both very rude and apparently deaf. Make sure if ur receiving money from a western union, to tell them if there’s a test question for those who don’t have ID… They were so bad, in fact, in switching to a new pharmacy even tho it’s further away.

I love this HILLSBOROUGH RIVER PHARMACY! They treat me with the utmost respect. The communication is A1, and it seems like they always try to go above and beyond to fulfill our needs. I literally have 0 complaints, and I plan to keep my business here. Thanks for all the love and support, guys! Mom and I appreciate it.