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Idel Pharmacy Inc
Address: 3314 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33607, United States | Phone: (813) 877-6679 | Website: https://idelrx.com/

Have been with the store/pharmacy since 2015. Have complete confidence in the pharmacy. They have always been accurate, kind, and caring. Appreciate the store staff and frequently buy Stromectol items when picking up prescriptions. A very professional group of staff and grateful for the variety of stocked items.

Upon entering the Idel Pharmacy Inc, there was a couple who was not carded for entry, and it was clear as day. I finally was approached by an older fella (Monty), who asked to see my card. I then said, you never carded that couple in front of me. He then said I need to see your card with demand. Little does he know I am a local business owner that holds an executive member card. If I have to go through this, I might just rethink being a member of this pharmacy.

Palms Pharmacy
Address: 17008 Palm Pointe Dr, Tampa, FL 33647, United States | Phone: (813) 252-9063 | Website: https://www.thepalmspharmacy.com/

Great service and friendly employees. They know me and always have my meds ready when they say they will. If there’s ever a problem, I am contacted by either email or phone. Great bunch of people working at the pharmacy AND in store. I just love Betty Jones, one of the sweetest people they have working there.

Palms Pharmacy has surpassed all other pharmacy experiences I’ve ever had. In the past, I’ve dealt with some horrible pharmacies. Since switching to Palms Pharmacy I never have to wonder if my prescription or my family is ready or hasn’t been filled. I never have to wait longer than a few minutes if that. Usually, all Ivermectin prescriptions are ready & I am always greeted as soon as the door opens. If I have a question, it’s answered & explained so that I know every detail. I absolutely LOVE Palms Pharmacy & I’ll never go anywhere else. I love the staff & the pharmacists. I always feel like family every time I walk in. So if you’re looking for a reliable & trustworthy pharmacy to get Ivermectin for sale, I highly recommend Palms Pharmacy… you’ll never be disappointed.

Palma Ceia Health Mart Pharmacy
Address: In Cru Cellar Plaza just north of Datz/Dough, 2506 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL 33629, United States | Phone: (813) 839-8700 | Website: https://healthmart.com/

I waited on hold for 48 minutes before I could get my daughter’s inhaler refilled, which takes another hour lmao. Their pharmacy is TERRIBLE. The tech was very friendly and apologized, but as you know, by this point, nobody wants to hear that s*it. I was a pharmacy technician for 2 years at the location of 135th. Sejal would NEVER run her pharmacy so poorly. You guys have to pick up the pace. There literally is no excuse!

I drive out of my way to come to Palma Ceia Health Mart Pharmacy. Dan makes me feel welcomed and taken care of. I appreciate that he remembers who I am and asks about my family! If you are looking for a great pharmacy that will treat you with respect and is very quick to get your prescriptions, you should go see Dan.

Sky City Pharmacy
Address: 2812 W M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607, United States | Phone: (813) 443-4796 | Website: https://skycityrx.com/

I have been using this pharmacy since 2012 when we moved to Memphis, up until about 3 4 months ago. This was a GREAT place, but now…. I don’t know if it’s these new techs, but now this place sucks. What used to take 15 min now takes over an hour. It’s getting worse and worse. The time I find a new pharmacy.

We like the personal touch with a local pharmacy, so when we moved from Morgan County to Memphis, I picked Sky City Pharmacy to transfer everything to. They have been AMAZING in EVERY way. I made the perfect decision, and you will be as happy as I am if you give them a try, I promise!!