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Welcome to Auto Glass America, home of the best windshield chip and full auto glass replacement service in Jacksonville, Florida. Our quality and integrity within our line of services are different, our entire process is to expedite the task in hand with a convenient appointment at an affordable price. “If it is chipped or cracked we buy it back” – a motto that we use and stand behind. Each service provided offers a lifetime warranty, uses “Premium Quality” quality glass and adhesive materials to ensure an exceptional experience and quality.

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Auto Glass America Offers $100 Back & A $100 Card!

Here in Florida, the high temperatures can cause small cracks to expand. Exposing the driver to a higher probability in increasing vehicle damage, personal injury and visually impairing a line of sight. Our technicians are properly trained and educated in all tiers of our award-winning services. We are proud of being named the best in windshield repair Jacksonville FL and windshield replacement Jacksonville FL for 2016 and 2017. Starting with being able to analyze damaged auto glass and educating the driver on why it is important to drive with a quality glass with no defects. Second, our in-house employees are supplied with the correct tools to properly repair, remove and replace a windshield on virtually any auto make, model and year. The last step is what many competitors miss out on, and that is properly inform the driver of the post-service steps to ensure the service that was provided continues to properly set. Hundreds of drivers choose our services over any other auto glass shop in Jacksonville because we are a all-in-one service company that takes care of all the paperwork, educates the driver, offers cash & gift back options and uses factory grade equipment and glass. If you are shopping for a cheap auto glass solution, please do your research before hiring any local service that advertises very low prices. On average, drivers will realize after researching online and reading reviews that spending the extra dollar at a shop like Auto Glass America is worth every penny.

From the first point of contact to the finishing touches on a completed service, our foundation grows and learns the latest in Florida’s Highway Safety news by staying up to date with the latest manufacture sizing specifications and service tools.

Auto Glass Services in Jacksonville, Florida

To stay on the forefront of the competition, our team continues to build and grow relations with many insurance companies that can expedite the process of having your cost of windshield covered. We work with all major auto insurance companies and have a faster process to bill your insurance company directly. If you are unsure whether you are covered under insurance, our in-house team can quickly tell you by doing all the communication for you. So, don’t stress on thinking of calling support-lines to be placed on hold, just to figure out if you are covered or not. Jacksonville’s Auto Glass America goes above and beyond so that drivers are supported and confident that they made the correct choice by contact our office. windshield replacement Fort Myers and that is okay. Our friendly staff will do all communication needed to figure this out and make the entire process convenient for you.

Latest Testimonials

“I highly recommend Auto Glass America because they took care of all the paperwork and communication. Their techs came to me at my preferred location and made my experience great”
Brynn L. – 2017, BMW M3

“Very convenient and professional. I will continue using Auto Glass America for any future auto glass service needs.”
Joseph T. – 2017, Cadillac EXT

“I received $100 cash back and a free windshield replacement with my zero-deductible. Plus – I have lifetime warranty on my windshield. Auto Glass America is simply the best.”
Tammy N. – 2017, Honda Ridgeline

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Most drivers don’t know whether to replace or repair once they get a new chip or notice their existing glass chip is growing. One simple call or submitted form can have our team look at your vehicle. We do not up-sell drivers and guarantee to no hidden fees. Our large fleet of technicians carry out work for some of the biggest names in Jacksonville for commercial fleet services on maintaining and replacing broken windshields. Countless individuals and families rely on our brand because we provide honest and expedited work. Our company has adopted a new auto glass software that provides the latest database specifications to nearly all makes, models, options and years of any vehicle. This ensures drivers the correct size and model glass that is recommended when your vehicle came out of the factory – it doesn’t get any better than this! Auto Glass America Jacksonville FL auto glass replacement is a top solution for consumers and commercial fleets. Giving you a peace of mind and more importantly, getting drivers back on the road safer and quicker. If you are not in Jacksonville, Florida. Jump to the correct corresponding page; Tampa windshield, windshield replacement in Fort Myers, Orlando windshield replacement.

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